It is with sadness that we of the association “Benediktpreis von Mönchengladbach” e.V. think of the German Pope who died yesterday.

In the founding phase of our association in 2012, due to special personal connections to the Holy Father, we had the opportunity to ask him about our considerations in Mönchengladbach, to inform our association and its objectives and to request his opinion. It was with great pleasure that Pope Benedict XVI commented very positively on our deliberations and encouraged us to implement our plan to offer a prize, as formulated in our statutes and in our objectives.
You can find Pope Benedict XVI’s written comments on our website under the tab “Benedict Prize” and then under “Accompanying Words”.
Looking back on the first 10 years of the “Benedict Prize of Mönchengladbach”, we can say that the good words of the Holy Father have helped to establish the prize successfully and thus also to give it a good future.

Helmut Linnenbrink
Honorary Chairman of the Association
Benedict Prize of Mönchengladbach