“Benedict Prize of Mönchengladbach”

Awarded for value-oriented action, particularly outstanding against the background of Christian occidental experience, expressed in fundamental work in science, business, politics, society and culture, which is exemplary for the future;
Awarded by the Benedict Prize Association of Mönchengladbach in cooperation with the City of Mönchengladbach.

Year Award winner Laudatory speech
2022 Gunter Demnig, artist Armin Laschet, former Minister President of North Rhine-Westphalia
2018 Dunja Hayali, journalist Hans Leyendecker, journalist
2016 H.M. Queen Silvia of Sweden Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, Prime Minister of the Saarland
2014 Dr. h. c. Jean-Claude Juncker, Prime Minister of Luxembourg (ret.) Andreas Ehlert, President of Unternehmerverband Handwerk.NRW

“Junior Award”

  • 1st prize: ASYLAND film project by former students of the Stiftisches Humanistisches Gymnasium in Mönchengladbach, in which the participants illuminate aspects of current refugee problems from the perspective of the refugees themselves.
  • 2nd prize: Children’s camp of the Protestant Reformed congregation of Gruiten for its offer of Christian-religious events and introduction to later voluntary work.
  • 2nd prize: Pfadfinderschaft St. Georg from the Aachen diocesan association for the project “Instead of flight – arrived in nature” (helping refugees to integrate through experiences in the local nature)
  • 2nd prize: General concert organization Sonsbeck for musical events and benefit concerts and positioning against racism and fascism Allgemeine Konzertorganisation Sonsbeck für musikalische Events und Benefizkonzerte und Positionierung gegen Rassismus und Faschismus
  • Students from Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences for a project in Nepal to finance an orphanage, a school and a training center
  • Group of students for the project “Training for a new start” to integrate refugees by introducing them to club sports
  • Young volunteers from the “Katholische Junge Gemeinde” (Catholic Young Community) in Hardt for the project “Hardtbeat,” an open-air festival where young bands present themselves “for free and outside
  • Special award for a course of the KBS Academy on health professions, they had collected donations for a little boy to finance a dolphin therapy for him
  • 30 students of cultural education, cultural management, social work and design at the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences for the project “Waldhaus 12 – research and implementation of social, artistic and cultural projects”.
  • Inda-Gymnasium Aachen for the project “Unesco Project Group” to accompany the cleaning of two cathedral chapels in accordance with the regulations for the preservation of historical monuments
  • Eva Vaßen for her project “Intercultural Breakfast
  • The counselors of the Mönchengladbach girls’ camps, for their youth work with the goal of “encouraging self-activity – giving opportunities in the face of inequality – mixing what would otherwise not come together” Participants between 11 and 15 years old with very different life experiences, backgrounds and social problems.

“Benedict Prize”

Awarded for energetic action or for outstanding work in the fields of research, art or science, through which they have set standards and rendered outstanding services to the preservation of local history and customs; Awarded by the Bürger- und Heimatverein Mönchengladbach in cooperation with the city of Mönchengladbach.

Year Award winner Justification
2010 Abtprimas
Dr. Notker Wolf OSB, Rom
Merits for the Benedictine heritage
2008 Erika Forst, Mönchengladbach Merits for the realization of the Gladbach Theater Week of Schools and sponsor of the Ensemblia Festival
2006 Dr. Hans Vogt, Krefeld Services to the Rhenish water and wind mills, long-time chairman of the Lower Rhine Association
2004 Konrad Beikircher, Bonn Merits for the peculiarities and characteristics of the Rhineland, its language, manners, customs and habits
2002 Dr. Heinz Oberlack, Mönchengladbach Chairman of the Münsterbauverein
2000 Rien van den Brand, Venray (Netherlands) Research on the Rhine-Niers-Meuse region
1998 Christiane Underberg, Rheinberg Services to the preservation of the Xanten Cathedral and other buildings worthy of preservation
1996 Dr. Rudolf Wlaschek, Mönchengladbach Research on Judaism in Bohemia and Moravia
1994 Prof. Gerat Wornar, Storcha (Lausitz) Promoter of the culture of the Sorbs
1992 Prof. Dr. Hugo Borger, Köln Archaeologist and art historian
1990 Prof. Georges Calteux, Luxemburg Art historian, monument conservator
1989 Dr. Robertz Plötz, Würzburg Promoter of the pilgrimage
1988 Hans Bange, Mönchengladbach Art historian, services to the reconstruction and preservation of the cathedral
1987 Kurt Fagnoul, St. Vith (Belgium) Merits for German-speaking customs in Belgium
1986 Ludwig Soumagne, Neuss Dialect poet
1985 Dr. Günther Erckens, Mönchengladbach Efforts for Judaism in Mönchengladbach
1984 Prof. Dr. Pierre Pierrad, Roubaix (France) Writer, custom researcher
1983 Dr. Otto von Habsburg-Lothringen, Pöcking Historian, politician, merits for the preservation of local history and customs
1982 Prof. Dr. Ing. Friedrich Helmut Sonnenschein, Hagen Research of the history of crafts and textiles
1981 Cornelius Goeters, Mönchengladbach Merits for the preservation of local history and customs
1980 Dr. Jeannine Lambrechts-Douillez, Antwerpen (Belgium) Musicologist, folklorist, writer
1979 Dr. Gabriel Simons, Bonn Folklore research, editing of folklore films
1978 Professor Dr. Ernst Klusen, Viersen Musicologist, expert of folk music
1977 Domherr Emile Glesener, Echternach Merits for the religious customs
1976 Norbert Voß, Düsseldorf Folklorist, services to religious customs
1975 Wilhelm Wachtendonk, Mönchengladbach Preserver of the local customs
1974 Domkapitular Propst Josef Kauff, Mönchengladbach Commitment to local customs
1973 Dr. J.H.W.M. Hansen, Roermond (Netherlands) Writing in dialect
1972 Prof. Dr. Heinrich Lützeler, Bonn Folklorist, writer
1971 Wilhelm Beines, Mönchengladbach-Rheydt Folklorist
1970 Robert Schaaf, Eupen (Belgium) Folklorist, St. Martin of Eupen
1969 Dr. Heinrich Füser, Münster Folklorist, writer
1968 Hans Scheefers, Mönchengladbach Folklorist